I am a model, cosplayer, nerdy little fangirl, glam guru, vlogger and seductress. I am also occasionally a photographer and painter. I wear a lot of hats, engage in a lot of activities and simply cannot sit still. My look is very chameleon as I am experimenting with new fashion every day. I’m always changing my makeup and I love to wear wigs so that I’m not bored by one hair color.

I mainly live on the internet posting YouTube videos, streaming live webcam and creating nude art content for my fans. I have an incredible interest for photography geared towards an art loving adult audience. That which heightens the senses and sparks passion.

I like to refer to myself as “The Controversial Cosplayer” because often my costumes stir conversation of both negative and positive feeling. Art is nothing if not subjective, it is about more than just seeing but feeling too.

When I’m not on the internet I am at nerd focused conventions or events offering my prints and doing signings. I’m also a working model for many companies providing catalog for clothing brands and tastefully shot nudity for pay-sites and art photography.

I’m often seen modelling corsets, latex, lingerie, wigs, makeup looks and of course cosplay.



When I was younger I never felt pretty. People would call me “horse-mouth” or tell me I couldn’t wear skirts because they could see my bones. They called me gross among many other names that really hurt my self-esteem. To top it all off I had very bad acne and people would duck down and tell me they didn’t want to get squirted by the puss. Teenagers are mean!

Art has always been the love of my life, I would draw and paint constantly and my Mother was really into photography when I was young. I became obsessed with photography too and would take pictures of my friends when we would hang out. After a while of taking photos I got a consistent compliment – “You are very photogenic” – I embraced it and would take photos of myself all the time. It was the only time I felt pretty.

I’ve been madly in love with makeup since the first day my parents let me wear lipgloss and back in my highschool days I was very into gothic fashion. I still am, however today I like to dip my toes into many different looks.

I used to look up photos of beautiful girls online and admire their makeup. One day I came across Suicide Girls and I fell in love. I would go to the social pages of many girls I admired and felt a closeness to them. The day I turned 19 I applied for the website.

I didn’t know at first that the website required nudity but when I found out I joined anyway for curiosity. I felt so accepted by the members that I decided to go for it. My first set was published June 11th 2009.

From Suicide Girls, I later joined Model Mayhem where I met many photographers and models. I started out cosplay in 2013 and… The rest is history.


36 bust 26 waist 37 hips



I was born August 1st. I’ve chosen not to reveal the year.


I was born in Toronto Canada, grew up in Barrie Ontario, and currently live on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.


I never count anymore and you eventually stop caring how many you have to only notice how much free canvas remains. I’ll count for you though!

1 – Text “A B S T R A C T” across my knuckles
2 – 1UP Mushroom : right palm
3 – Stars circulating my left thumb, across my palm, all the way to the inner bend of my arm.
4 – “FOCUS” written on my left index finger. I tattooed this on myself when I was drunk, I did not use a stencil 😛
5 – Ankh and Eye of Horus on the back of my left hand. I loved studying the Egyptians in highschool and used to have a lot of information about ancient Egypt, my memory does not serve me well these days and I can’t even remember the significance behind the tattoo. But, I still love it very much and don’t care what it means.
6 – HALF SLEEVE, left arm from my clavicle to my elbow. This is my favorite tattoo and features gears, a pocketwatch and a lot of filigree. The was done by an amazing California artist named Nick Chaboya (www.nickchaboya.com)
7 – “Daddy” written on my left wrist. A TATTY FOR MY DADDY. I also tattooed this on myself, this tattoo looks much nicer than my “focus” tattoo.
8 – A key on the back of my neck, under my ear. I can’t remember what side it’s on and I can’t see it, but you can check if you ever meet me at a convention.
9 – A Pink Floyd tribute tattoo featuring the 2 hammers and intercourse flowers from “The Wall” film. They are also accompanied by lyrics from The Dark Side of The Moon that read “You lock the door, and throw away the key, there’s someone in my head but it’s not me” – I thought this was a clever mention of my schizophrenic Mother even though this tattoo is more for my connection between my Father and I.
10 – A blue star on my left inner ankle: at one point in my life I was studying to be a tattoo artist and you can’t go putting your first tattoo on someone else’s skin.
11 – I have this big crazy Pin-Up girl on the inside of my leg by my calf. She’s a jester with a “BANG” gun standing in a wind-up music box. She’s a little bit much and I’ll be getting her removed one of these days.
12 – BARBIE written on my right ankle/top of my foot. This is my second favorite tattoo on my body.


I have one in each nipple, my belly button and the first holes on my ears. Aside from that I am piercing free. In the past I had my second holes in my ears, my nose, a teardrop dermal below my left eye and 6 hoops in my back that connected a corset. I did the corset for a photo-shoot a long time ago and tried to keep it, it did not heal and I had to take it out as the pain was too much on my body.


Dude, Charmander! Fire types all the way. When I was a kid my imaginary friend was a Charmander and I never let him evolve. We were the best of friends!


My butt is 100% real and this question kind of blows my mind. It’s not even like my butt is so crazy large one could mistake it for implants. My boobs are most def fake, but this ass is all Vera. As for working out, I do but I had my booty long before I ever started. Alongside workouts I also eat a very healthy diet. I’ve been pushing the gym extra hard recently, I want to build my butt bigger so keep your eyes on it. WATCH ME GROW! lol. Keeping an eye on the social media comment threads should be entertaining too, let the accusations roll in.



I have 356CC low profile Silicone Gel implants. You can learn all about my breast implant journey on my YouTube in THIS PLAYLIST


I am currently undergoing Invisalign and my 6 front teeth are crowns. I had a bad rollerblading accident when I was a kid that fucked up my front teeth so the crowns were both a cosmetic and much needed procedure. I also get facials from time to time, does that count? I have filler in my tear trough under eye and I also just got lip fillers for the first time. I love them, but I’m not 100% sure if I will be keeping the new lips or letting them fade (lip injections are not permanent). I am not against anyone getting work done and I’m sure I’ll be in to get something else in the future. I do really want a nose job, so, one day!



I’m actually doing exactly what I want to be doing. Only thing I would say is it’s always been my dream to YouTube professionally. I just do it as a hobby, I’m very in love with the community but I don’t have enough subscribers to be paid. HALP? lol YOUTUBE IS DREAMSSSSS >>> SUBSCRIBE HERE <<<


No, I am single and I’m not looking. I am very happy single and I have zero interest in dating. Don’t get me wrong, I still get laid, I’m just not committed to anyone. Perhaps one day when I’m older and finished with my life but I’m very much in love with my business, I give my fans and creation process my every spare moment. This is not sad, it’s awesome, I love my choice and I’ll be sticking to it for a long time.

Yes, of course. My P.O Box is:

Vera Bambi
17600 Yonge St.
PO BOX 21526 Upper Canada Mall
Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 8J1


*blushing* I do : VERA BAMBI’s WISHLIST – My Birthday is August 1st, but I also post MAIL MONDAY VIDEO’s as thanks to anyone who sends me letters, gifts and wishlist love.


I’m currently growing my hair out and only coloring to try and get an even shade. I don’t currently upkeep my roots because it’s not necessary, the dye in my hair right now is my natural shade. I am naturally a brunette, this is my actual natural hair color:



I did not go to school, I am just very experienced. I am one of those crazy people who does her makeup every single day so I have learned from a lot of trial and error. HOURS AND PRACTICE BABE! I have also been researching everything about beauty basically my whole life. As you have also learned from this FAQ, I am an artist of many mediums. Makeup is the art form I personally feel I am most skilled at.


I have and I think it’s bullshit. I did not jump into it from high school, I moved out on my own when I was 16 so I grew up quick and had to get my ass to work right away. I almost dropped out of high-school but I didn’t want to doom myself to returning if I wanted to further my education later. That was a good decision because I did decide to expand my knowledge. I went to school for web design and it was a total waste of time. I learned a few things that I apply in my job today, but nothing that I couldn’t have learned on YouTube (and I do find myself on YouTube re-learning certain things anyways).


Not at this current moment. I would like to educated myself more on business and marketing, but again I feel I can learn this online from the comfort of my own home. There are so many resources out there and because I am my own boss, I don’t need to answer to anyone with a document saying “hey, someone taught me how to do this, you can trust me” However, I excelled as an english student and from time to time I find myself missing that. With social media these days I find my writing skills have depleted majorly and I would love to sharpen my mind, just for me. I would prefer a classroom atmosphere for that because being surrounded by peers can be beneficial depending. So, who knows, it’s possible.


Never directly! I used to and it can be tempting but I’m over it. When I was younger my parents would always tell me anyone who was mean was jealous or insecure about something, I didn’t understand that then but I understand it now. As a kid people toss around hateful things and that’s ok. Bullying sucks, I hate it, but it helped to shape me into who I am today.
I find myself a little grateful that it hurt me so much to be honest, bullying played a part in my career choice. Finding my power and realizing why people say hurtful things brought me a lot of happiness. I don’t judge anyone, I prefer to live peacefully and strive to empower those who surround me rather than bring them down. I find when I can make someone else feel amazing, I FEEL FUCKIN AMAZING! For someone who goes the opposite route, I kind of feel bad for them. It’s a very dark mindset to say negative things about someone else, I wish people peace and hope they overcome whatever it is they’re going through.



OH HELL NO! I have my ups and downs just like everyone else. A magnified mirror is both my best friend and worst enemy. My heart loves it because it helps me get my makeup SO PERFECT, I need it for my craft. But when I sit down in front of it before doing my makeup, I can feel like I “need” my makeup and that’s not a good feeling. Makeup should be an act of creation, inspiration and highlighting your natural beauty. I try to embrace that negative feeling though. There is a positive perspective to all things and when I see my face magnified I use it as a tool to know how my skin and health is doing. If I’m not looking too great, that’s totally ok, it reminds me to drink more water, eat more veggies and get more rest. Blessing and a curse, ya know?


  1. Such a great person to be honest. Always sharing your thoughts and trying to be better for cosplay, models, and everyone else

  2. Know this, Vera: as boys mature and grow into men, their bodies become manlier and sexier whereas girls (apart from getting hips and boobs) pretty much stays the same as before puberty. Women can be ‘cute’ but you are in no way sexually attractive. Masculinity, power and dominance is beautiful and sexy while femininity is weak and childlike. To illustrate my point, I’ve taken the liberty of comparing one of your photos with that of bodybuilder Alex. Alex represents everything I find attractive about men, while you represents everything wrong with women.


    1. Alex’s skin is rough, masculine and hairy, ripe with adult sex-appeal. Your skin on the other hand is that of a kid’s, smooth and hairless, bland and boring.

    2. Alex’s face is ruggedly handsome, with a manly beard. He has a natural attractiveness you lack. The fact that you have to apply heavy make up in order to appear attractive in the eyes of straight men really proves my point, men’s beauty are natural, women’s are artificial and manufactured.

    3. Alex’s arms are thick and brawny, veiny with powerful biceps. There’s no way these puny noodle-arms of yours can compete with these magnificent muscles. Being a woman, your own muscles haven’t developed since the age of twelve.

    4. Alex’s hands are big, strong and mature. Yours are small with long, skinny fingers, again like a little kid’s.

    5. Alex has a broad, beefy and beautiful chest. You have a pair of fake mannequin boobs. Not a very impressive counter to Alex’s hard muscles and natural body-hair. What’s even the appeal in these dangling things? They’re ugly, useless and awkward.

    6. Alex has a well-defined six-pack. You have a soft baby-belly. Adorable, but in no way adult or sexy. Like your chest and arms, this pitiful little thing is simply screaming for more muscle.

    7. Alex’s body shape is all hard angles, broad shoulders and thick, muscular waist. As for you, your hips are too wide and your waist is too tiny. Together with your narrow shoulders and flabby chest it makes your body form look weirdly deformed with a barely human skeletal structure and fat in all the wrong places. The female body is definitely made for breeding, not aesthetic appeal. A milk bottle has more sexual allure than your undulating shapes, to be honest.

    Final verdict: Alex’s got a great body, ripped with heroic muscles, chiseled six-pack and broad shoulders. A true work of art. And you? No muscles, no adult body hair and generally underwhelming physique. Take away your breasts and hips, and what do we have? Basically a kid whose body hasn’t developed much since the age of twelve. Your long hair only accentuates your unappealing childishness, it honestly looks like you’re trying to imitate you favorite disney-princess.

    There is really no competition here, Alex’s adult, masculine body just beats the living shit out of your soft, weak kiddie-body in every aspect. Any adult man who think a skinny femme like you is in anyway admirable is simply a victim of centuries of indoctrination where feminine weakness has been propagated as more desirable than masculine strength and confidence. You’re a cute kid, but nothing more. And why would anyone think otherwise? Kids have no sex appeal, and as I’ve mentioned several times now: women are like kids, just taller and with boobs.

    Now if you’ve gotten this far (which I doubt) I realize that all of this may have sounded harsh, but frankly I don’t care – I’ve never believed in being soft on kids.

  3. Who is this seaque -seem to be a very off balance person . Praying the night ends well with A Romney Presidency !! God Bless this nation ;we have endured 4 years of lies / Lets send our thoughts to heaven in hopes of turning this tide in the direction of revival . I have come to know many voices here at CW and may I say thank you to everyone for fighting for justice ! Thank you to all those who toil to seek truth who volunteer their energies who wish to beat back socialism / secularism and to see our nation remain the ” shining star on the hill ” –

  4. Hi Vera, I’m such a huge fan of yours here in New Zealand your so talented, amazing, beautiful and inspiring plus such a wonderful role model too so thank you for all the pleasure you give and all the very best from this dedicated fan who admires and respects you so much and take care.


  5. Salutations Vera! 《 I am kind of the quiet type and can’t believe I am commenting》 I just happened upon you but I am so glad I did! I think that you are a beautiful person inside and out. I very much enjoy you and just had to share with you. I will definitely be following from now on! Keep up the awesomeness:)

  6. I’m so glad you have this on your site! I think you’re really inspirational and there are a lot of things I can relate to that you had mentioned (mainly the bullying and wanting to show them what’s up). Thank you so much for being you and being awesome in general. You’re a role model for me <3

    PS – Fuck yea, fire types are the best!

  7. Absolutey Gourgeous. You have one of the best butts ever but your personality trumps everything. Do you go on MFC anymore?

  8. Do you have snapchat? I cant find your snapchat name and just saw you on Phillip DeFrancos show and love your cosplay

  9. Hey Vera! Great post, nice insight into your world. I came across your work only recently when I saw a picture of you as Princess Peach. And gotta say I was hypnotized. Will you be doing any conventions out in Toronto during the rest of this year?

  10. I am really not 100% sure how I am just finding this page now given that I am a fan of your work across all of its fields. Maybe one of these days ill get a chance to meet you in person perhaps in Calgary if you make it out there for the next Con. In the mean time keep on keeping on and good luck in you endeavors.

  11. I did Harley last year so I won’t be doing her this year, sorry love. I’ve done Harley about 3 times so I’m gunna give her a break 🙂

  12. I enjoyed your joker cosplay at the Fan Expo last year. It would awesome if you could go as Harley Quinn this year at the Fan Expo!!!!

  13. I love the vampirella costumes you wear etc..! Very very beautiful another words 2 damn HOT Vera all around!

  14. Wonderful bio. I was already a big follower of you on social media and am an even bigger admirer after reading this. Thanks for being such a great inspiration ❤️

  15. He’s referring to the typo.

    Seem like an interesting person, keep it and you’ll go far in this world.
    Keep inspiring!

  16. There’s no irony. In the world there’s many people who are really bright but are not into the academy world in any way, that is why certain people can “learn” things without attending to College for example, and learn just by experience. Is a very hard way to live, but if some people don’t feel it, they just don’t do it. I’m not saying she is dump or the completly opposite, for me, she is just not into the academy and her way of getting new skills is by experience, not by lectures and exams.

  17. I actually have a question…

    DO you consider yourself an unreachable girl? Something like is impossible for a normal guy to hang out with you or… Maybe something more. Don’t missunderstand XD is because i have met some girls that in de begining were like you described in your faq, and then they turn into a beauty with lot of effort, and after that they just don’t go out with most of their old friends due to that now her “new status of beautiness” attract more people that person she is not used to (like pretty and rich guys). I would like to know, just by curiosity.

  18. ” I would like to educated myself more on business and marketing, but again I feel I can learn this online from the comfort of my own home. ”

    The irony here is strong lol.

  19. awwww what a dear! VERA FOR PRIME MINISTER! been a huge fan since Toronto Comic Con 2015. too shy to even look you in the eyes until i man’d up Toronto Fan Expo 2015 and i done fell in love! i only see success in vera’s future!!! VERA BAMBI FOR LIFE! * flowers chocolate and teddy bears go here for vera*

  20. I would see it 🙂 you just gotta use the *tag people* option so that when I check tagged photos of me its appears there. If you simply mention in the description then I might not see it

  21. Hey darlin, thanks for the sweet words and welcome to my world 🙂 I hope I can continue to entertain you. I will very very likely be at Fan Expo for 2016 😘

  22. Hello Vera, I just discovered you on You Tube video and subscribed to you immediately. I am a big Vampirella fan and collector and I love your Vampirella outfit!
    You are perfect for her, so sexy and seductive. I wish I new about the Toronto Fan Expo I would have gone there to see you in person. I hope you will return there this year as Vampirella and I can make it there to see you. Keep going girl! & best of luck to you always!

  23. Thanks for posting this! You’re such an awesome person, and it’s so interesting to learn more about you and your interests.

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