I adore my fans more than anything, without you guys I could not even dream of spending my days the way I do. I feel very blessed every day and for that, I am grateful to you! Please contact me anytime using the methods below:

SOCIAL MEDIA:  If you’re looking to engage in conversation and be a part of the Vera Baby Community, social media is the way to go. I am very active across all networks, most especially: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Just leave some words in the comment sections of my posts, I read them all! I am not able to respond to everyone but I do try my very best. If you don’t get a response with the first try, don’t give up, I’m reading every comment and I do take notice of people I see active on a consistent basis! Before any social media however, I always check my personal website first. This website right here takes priority!

PERSONAL/PRIVATE CONTACT: Some of you may not be interested in a “community” type of contact and would like to reach me more directly and privately. I am unable to get to the inbox sections of social media as it is far too time consuming and I get spammed quite a lot. I do not have any online inbox dedicated to my fans, all of my inboxes are managed by my assistant Roxy. However, I do have a way for you to talk with me in the most personal fashion. For private contact, I offer text messages on my personal phone: CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON TEXTING WITH ME

MAIL/SPOIL/FAN ART: It’s so personal and beautiful to receive gifts from you, I never expect anything but as anyone would, I get very excited when I do. I keep everything you guys send to me and I cherish it with all of my heart. You can feel free to send me letters, drawings you have done or any kind of fan art, I even have a wishlist with all the things my little heart desires. To top it all off, if I get a pile of mail to open I LOVE TO MAKE MAIL MONDAY VIDEOS as a thank you.

Vera Bambi
17600 Yonge St.
PO BOX 21526 Upper Canada Mall
Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 8J1


MEET ME IN PERSON: As a Cosplayer I absolutely love to attend conventions and travel around the world to do so. If you’d like to know what convention I will be at next, just check out my NEWS PAGE where I always post about my next event. If you want to see me at your local convention, this can be achieved in 2 ways. 1) go to the website for the convention you want to meet me at, find their contact page and email the convention suggesting me as a cosplayer. 2) and this way is far more guaranteed, bring me out yourself! Use the BUSINESS CONTACT page to let me know this is an expense you are willing to cover and we can discuss all of the details. [note: I will not accept payment to travel to your location and hang-out. Bringing me to a con does not grant you one-on-one alone time with me. Conventions are a safe environment for me to meet my fans, dress in cosplay and share my art. I am not an escort]