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Category: EXTRAS

“It can be hard when you have so many dreams. Once upon a time I wanted to fly helicopters, save sick animals, write novels, write for television, open my own hair salon, become a makeup artist to the stars, make and design clothing, act in movies, edit movies, be a famous painter, drummer, vocalist and guitarist. That’s not even everything!

I used to fantasize about being a musician who produced everything on my own from instruments to music videos to vocals. I studied to be a tattoo artist at one point too and that seemed to be my direction until modelling picked up and I decided to move on. I feel very fulfilled in my work but it can be hard for me to focus. I’m just very ambitious with an intense imagination. I think I can do every job in the world so the reality of 24 hours in a day bothers me.

To be successful you have to pick one thing and stick to it. Your theme needs to be strong! I have a rough time sitting still, but I do my best” – Vera Baby