I recently took a trip to Vegas with my photographer friend sideshowsito and we collaborated on some amazing things for my patreon.

While I was away I decided to try out the “uneditied¬†vlog” – I would basically record clips of myself throughout the day, then string them together in iMovie with NO FILTERS, NO CENSORING and NONE OF THE FANCY VIDEO WORK that I would usually use to make a vlog entertaining.

I found 3 very cool things while doing this.

  1. Because I wasn’t planning out my video, there was no editing room in my head through the day. This allowed me to loosen up and just talk to my camera the way I would another person. I provided a much less crafted version of myself that was very freeing.
  2. It was EASY to do! I was able to focus on my day and not my video. I have 100 other things going on every day that this freed up a lot of my brain space. All I had to do was pick up my camera when I thought it was a good time to film, and make the people around me aware that I’m not editing out anything.
  3. I recieve less viewers doing this kind of vlog, but they are more invested in my story and here to see more than patreon teasers.

    There’s a vlogger I watch named Trisha Paytas who does this exact thing and it reminds me of a much more interesting version of a live stream, I love the style and I can watch Trisha for hours so to give credit where it’s due, Trisha Paytas inspired these vlogs¬† .

This is DAY 5 of the Vegas Vlog series, I’m highlighting it because it was the entire reason we took the trip. I also find this to be the most raw of the vlogs because you see me go through a day in my job AND you experience a very personal life pain I’m going through.


To enjoy all of the videos, check out the playlist: