I’M ON TWITCH FAM!!! Well… kinda. LOL

I am so SO happy that I set a 350 patron goal for the first stream because I am most certainly not ready to get started yet. I CANNOT WAIT TO THOUGH! I don’t know if this is going to be a consistent thing, but I’m trying to find a home for my live streams and this might be it.

This is us officially today:

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 3.24.56 PM

I recently had a meeting with my management and we discussed livestreams, my YouTube future and Patreon among many other things. In that discussion we came to the conclusion that I need to take a break away from live streaming as it is not helping me move forward. However, we came to the agreement that if patrons move patreon forward I can give a more monetized platform like twitch a chance.

While I was in San Diego I had the opportunity to sit down with friends, have good times, and discuss twitch. Everyone seems to adore twitch so much that they sold me on the idea of checking it out. Personally, I hate gaming when people can watch me. It triggers my social anxiety and makes my game play awful. I’ve been trying to fix that by gaming with other people more often and I’m chilling out a little… lol. The big thing that sold me though is that my friends told me I don’t HAVE to game, I can use it to discuss nerdy things or even just hang out to if I want! I had no idea how much of a perfect home twitch would be for me, but from what I’m hearing this is the live streaming platform I was made for.

If you guys want to follow my page and be there for the first stream, HERE’S MY LINK! Patrons will be the first to know what my plans for the first stream are as soon as I figure it out.

If you have any suggestions, insight or excitement to express. Please do so in the comments down below (Roxy manages my inbox, I manage the comments)

And if you want to game with me now and while I’m on Twitch, make sure you are a Level 6 patron. I’M TRADING PSN’S AT THIS LINK