HERE IT IS! Finally sharing my Fire Mario image with you.

After all of the time and effort, I’m incredibly proud of how this came together. I envisioned this image when I drew my Fire Mario costume design for the first time but never had time to produce it. Now thanks to everyone on Patreon I have birthed my baby and I hold her up to you like Rafiki holds Simba over Pride Rock.

Have I made you proud?


THE FIRE FLOWER is a prop made by me. I made this long before I ever made the coin box purse I carry to conventions. It was my first idea for a prop and I did it using a fake flower, yellow cellophane, string lights and golden wire.

I noticed after making the flower that it did not look good in daylight. It only looked the way I envisioned in the dark. That’s when I decided to make a coin box purse and save my fire flower for a photo shoot.

The flower is not actually hovering, despite being a witch I did not use any magic outside of Hogwarts. It’s actually sitting on top of the battery pack that is underneath the flower. I digitally added the shadows and brightened up the fireball in photoshop.

THE COSTUME is my own personal design put together by Adala Clothing. I’m an idea girl, I think up the magic, I draw it out, I envision all the ways I can use it for fighting crime and making art, then I commission someone else to put it together because making outfits is not my thing! I like to save my energy for other things. I’m the girl who asks someone else to do it and then nit-picks every detail along the way until it’s perfect. lol. Are you a seamstress? Do you make custom costumes? Send me your portfolio! If my extremely picky self likes it, I will buy things, you just gotta put up with a CosplayZilla. Kinda like a Bridezilla, Beware the Bambi!


THE PHOTOGRAPHY was done by my new assistant and forever sister, Rose. Gaunted gave her a quick lesson on using the camera and showed her how to make magic with lighting. We shot a lot of pictures and played with light a lot before she captured the perfect shot. She has a fantastic eye and is a creative little butterfly at heart so I’m very very happy to have her on my team.


THE EDIT is my baby. I love creating digital art, it is by far my favorite thing to do with my time and if I wasn’t cosplaying I would likely be doing this for someone else. I spent quite a lot of time on this and learned a lot of new tricks. I’m still learning things but I think I did a pretty damn good job. I’m very proud.


THE MAKEUP is another passion of mine. I put way more time and effort into makeup than is necessary but doing it is such an enjoyable art form for me. I don’t let anyone do my makeup, if I’m hired for a job and there is a makeup artist on set, I will respectfully decline. lol. It’s true, I get a lot of personal fulfillment from doing my face and it really amps me up and inspires me for the photo shoot. It’s my goal to one day have a makeup channel on YouTube. But not until my main channel lifts off. From start to finish, the hair, makeup and putting on the outfit took 4 hours before we shot.

THE SHOOT was honestly the easy part. We had a 10 hour day but we shot a lot of other content. We maybe spent 30 minutes shooting for this print. Shout out to Roxy for feeding us. When I used to do this by myself without a team my day would go about 14 hours and I would be unfed. So grateful for my team!!!


I hope you guys love this as much as I do!!

– only patrons can see the image uncensored. There are no digital files posted online. It’s the “after” photo only with the nipples still in the shot and you must be a Level 6 patrons before March 2017 is over to get this print.

– This is the version I’ve made available to everyone that you see presented to you in this blog post.

xoxo Vera Bambi