1. Holy crap. I just searched cosplayness and you do really good cosplays, yeah I do as well love when people know what character they are representing, and it makes it so much fun to go to cons. You definitely have to meet random people to experience the culture of it. I haven’t gone to one in awhile but just felt like supporting your interests and showing the respect for the lifestyle 😀 enjoy yourself

  2. I love your feed, im an instagram addict and your content always makes my day. You are super pretty, super funny and Yaaaas! Your ass is fucking perfect , dont let the muggles get you down!

  3. First time I’ve watched one of your videos, and wow I did not expect your voice to sound like that!

  4. You dont need to defend yourself from the haters. You obviously didnt get where you are based on making the haters like you. You are not an offensive person. You dont bully anyone and are very easy on the eyes. You’re beautiful btw. … Just keep being positive. You brighten my day and if everyone could do that for someone else, we would all have a bright future to look forward to.

  5. I’m afraid that even if you were the kindest, wisest person in the world putting yourself on the internet leaves you open to all the negativity and haters. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. I make unique one of a kind jewelry and every pic I post has the potential to attract negative comments but if it worried me I would keep it to myself. Do what you gotta do as you’ll never please everyone. Best wishes Mark xx

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