1. Just what the world needs: a young woman who obviously won the genetic beauty lottery confessing that she’s insecure about her natural appearance. How embarrassing.

  2. I like your grocery store look. 🙂 It’s great to hear you’re becoming more comfortable and willing to share yourself like this. Have a great day Vera!

  3. Heya, lady! Been tagging along on your vlogs and whatnot for a while, now. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed this latest video you made. I’m glad to see you growing comfortable with the camera, and being yourself around it. It’s nice to see you all glammed up and made up, but it’s also good to get a little peek into a day in the life. It’s fine with me that you stop for a few minutes just to say hi, and share what’s on your mind. Glad to hear the workouts are going well. The endorphin rush makes the day better, doesn’t it? I miss having that. I used to be an avid runner, but a disability prevents me from doing so, which sucks. Anyhow, I wanted to encourage you to post what you like. It’s neither bothersome or irrelevant. Have a good ‘un!

  4. What’s up!!! My name is Matthew Stephenson and I do not like social media, simply for the fact of thinking it’s very time consuming if not kept in moderation. So what I’m doing now is rare believe it or not. Now that you know that detail about me I wanted to give props where they are do. I recently took notice of your Q and A videos and I just wanted to say Daaaammmnn. You are so pretty, and the videos are great. I do not know if I am a fan at the moment since I have just watched a few of them. I just wanted to say great job on the fame and you are so down to earth and cool.

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