1. If you’re a batman/superhero fan, try DC Universe Online, you get to make your own superhero! You have to download it from the PS Store, but it’s free to play. I love it!


  2. You should deck out your Xbox or do something fun with it before you give it up. Btw is that the 360? And yes get a PC they’re a lot of fun to build. If you need a casual game to play besides LOL or WoW is Star Wars Battlefront. Easy to master.


  3. Etsy has people that do Custom controllers; but a lot of them are really expensive for just a custom skinned controller. But you can buy vinyl decals and stuff to put over the controller really cheap all over the internet.


  4. I bought a PlayStation 4 back in January I played it for a month it’s been sitting there ever since as a decoration Xbox one is so much better!


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