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  1. Love ya Vera!!! Been a huge Fan for a long time now! Every since I saw your Misty cosplay pop up on FB randomly. Like a moth to flame, I was pulled into the fiery, passionate, and creative world that is Vara Bambi. with no chance or desire to escape, Ive enjoyed so my of your content. Whether its one of your many Vlogs that are always entertaining and informative, you reading Fan fictions on the Philly D show, or coming across yet another awesome cosplay pic from your collection, I find myself constantly finding more and more respect for you as a professional and as a person. The way you handled yourself in this video only adds to that respect. Although you remained fired up while addressing the issue you never once lost your cool. You handle this with the wisdom and grace that only a true professional would have. Never Stop being the awesome person you are Vara.

    PS Your Misty will forever be the best Misty cosplay in the world in my book! As a huge collector of Cosplay prints ill tell you as i told Nicole Nicole Salera many times on her stream that my dream 11/17 print to own is one of you as Misty and her as Ash.I know that Print/Photo does not exist but its still my dream print to own lol. Have a great day Vera!

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