I’m so sorry that this video got me in tears, life cannot be predicted and I committed to filming my day for you, so it just ended up being a part of it all. However, I will say I am feeling closer to you having shared such a personal part of my life. Furthermore, I hope you enjoy this video following me through a day in my life. From a sexy latex cosplay reveal, meeting my cosplay partner, behind the scenes week prep with my assistant Roxy, to an emotional drop in my tummy, I invite you into my life. Next time I’ll try not to cry, promise, lol.


  1. AWE….if anything, this just made me love ya more Vera. And your dad seems like a very cool dude so we can see how he means so much to you, and he also sounds like a father in law every guy would love to have, let’s put it that way. And while hard, it is best to try not to stress until their is something to stress about.
    Take care and keep on rocking!


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