1. It’s so true and they are familiar with my style of cosplay as this is not my first booth with the company. I had worn my Vampirella with them in the past. Frustrating but I’m not gunna let it stop me from having fun

  2. I’ve been asked to change out of my psylocke cosplay before, and had to wear my friend’s superman cape to cover up even though her leotard is only as revealing as a one piece swimsuit XD But hey cosplay mashups are in these days, right?

    In your case I don’t see how it was an issue since you weren’t just a random attendee. They had to approve your booth so they should be familiar with your style of cosplay.

  3. Woah! You’re SO gorgeous!!
    Your body, your lips, your face, your eyes, your voice. Everything of you is perfect. <3

    I guess you were attracting too much a some salty people thought you were too provocative to be in a place with kids.

  4. This is how I feel. You can’t be ok with someone looking at comic books and playing video games and also be uncomfortable with these costumes. People just get so upset when something so sexy is brought to life.

  5. that venue must be run by muslims. they hate women who aint buried in blankets and sheets and all wrapped-up for stoning.

  6. Wow! You are so spot on. Gorgeous Lady! “Family friendly” umm that’s such crap. People who take their kids to comic conventions should know people are going to dress anyway they want and especially when a costume is accurate like yours should be expected. Don’t want your kids to see it, don’t take them.

  7. You are so Beauty!!! Don´t let them change your costume, you are the best Vampirella ever!!! And if he doesn´t want to marry you, I´ll do!!! Also, best ass ever!!!

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