I AM EXCITED! I am obsessed with the Star Trek movies, OBSESSED and the next one is coming July 2016. This new trailer has me so pumped:

These movies always make me smile, great humor and action that kept me on the edge of my seat in the previous 2 films and I feel this one is going to stay on track and continue to kick ass.

The first of this reboot series was Star Trek (2009) which is my personal favorite, only if I have to choose because I also adore Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) with Benedict Cumberbatch who made an AMAZING Khan. Now for 2016, Star Trek Beyond is on it’s way and I can’t keep my panties dry.

What did you think of this trailer and what were your feelings about the previous movies?

A little bit on my personal history with Star Trek: my Mom and Dad are fans of the show and previous movies. They have been watching as far back as the beginning so as a kid I was always familiar with it on the TV. I never truly watched personally. I would sit in for random episodes here and there and enjoyed them, but in my younger days I was too distracted by Pokemon and silly teen shows to care about Star Trek. My interest came later as I started attending conventions to obsess over my love Batman (the heart to my geeky-ness). I always noticed how strong the Star Trek fan base was and would look back on those episodes from when I was a kid and thought “yea, it was a pretty good show” – I tried watching some of the first ever episodes and it couldn’t hold my attention with those old school graphics. The new reboot movies however are some of my favorite movies EVER! I would actually put the Star Trek 2009 film as my #1 favorite movie of all time and the Into Darkness tightly in second. So, with those as my favorite movies EVER (yes, even more than Batman, I cringe saying that but it’s true, I like them more) I am interested in watching some of the older movies and television series.

Do you have Star Trek movies you would suggest I watch? And in terms of television, what do you think I would enjoy most? – Next Generation? Deep Space Nine? Voyager? Where should I start?

Comment below and lets discuss. Either the trailer and what’s to come, or how you think I should get started in my Star Trek television watching. Let me know



  1. As a show, I didn’t get that into it, but I did like watching the movies. It’s might be considered boring compared to the reboot, but I like the Voyage Home. It the kind of movie that would be shown on the weekend afternoon showcase on TV, but I always watched and enjoyed it. The reboot was great, and I liked the last one too, even though some moviegoers didn’t enjoy it as much as the 1st. 🖖

  2. You can definitely try Season 5 Episode 25 “The Inner Light” as a standalone. I’ve watched a psychotic amount of trek, and that episode is one of the best tear jerkers by far for me.

  3. you should stick with the movies, the shows are not as fast paced and action oriented. the new movies are more like star wars than star trek.
    it would take almost a month non stop to watch all of star trek.
    if you want context on into darkness you should watch original series season 1 episode 22 space seed and the movie star trek 2 the wrath of khan.

    but really you dont have the free time to be a star trek fan

  4. He’s right about it not being a reboot. It’s technically an alternate timeline story. Remember Leonard Nimoy played the original Spock in the new movies.

  5. Measure of a Man (Season 2 Episode 9) is a fantastic episode (and IMO one of the best moments of television ever) but I’m not sure how well it works as an introduction to TNG.

    Aside from that I’d say the list in his link is a great way to start.

  6. Some background… although I had watched a fair number of Star Trek episodes as a child I really got into it in the early 1980s reading books set in the Star Trek universe (“Yesterday’s Son” and “How Much for Just the Planet” remain some favorite bits of Trek for me) so I’m fairly unusual for a TOS Trek fan in that I dislike Shatner’s portrayal of Kirk.

    Overall I would say Trek has done better with its TV series than its movies.

    Of the pre-reboot movies my favorites are (In order)
    Wrath of Khan (2)
    The Voyage Home (4)
    First Contact (8)
    The Undiscovered Country (6)
    The Search for Spock (3)
    Generations (7)
    The remainder are so poor they really just aren’t worth watching IMO, and “Nemesis” broke the Even/Odd rule by actually being worse than some of the odd numbered movies.

    I still find it odd that the numbering just skipped five though. (no there was never a Star Trek 5. No, William Shatner did not direct a Star Trek movie. Spock does not have an outcast half brother named Sybok, and the Enterprise did not kill “God” with a photon torpedo! It never happened!)

    Of the TV shows…..
    TOS Still the standard for most long time Trek Fans. It’s got great chemistry among the cast(Especially Kelly and Nimoy), and has a lot of thought provoking episodes. It would often get pretty heavy handed with the analogies though. Obviously 1960s TV shows couldn’t do much for special effects, but personally I still enjoy seeing the old bad effects even… no especially when you can see how they did it.

    Overall TNG is probably the best. The first 2 maybe 3 seasons are not great but after that it becomes consistently good with moments of greatness(The Drumhead, Measure of a Man, Inner light, etc), and the series finale is spectacular.

    DS9 is probably the least consistent. At its best (In the Pale Moonlight) its as good as anything TNG did, and it did a much better job of making its characters more well rounded. It also has a few really horribly bad episodes (Time’s Orphan) and some just dumb storylines (anything involving the Pah wraiths, and much involving the Grand Nagus).

    Voyager, like TNG started off poorly (actually the first 3 seasons are probably worse than the first of TNG), but then it got a lot better. The majority of the credit for the show’s improvement has to go to 7 of 9. It’s crystal clear the network execs were focused on adding eye candy to draw young male viewers. Fortunately the writers and Jeri Ryan managed to create a complex character with a great deal of depth and a strange combination of emotional strength and vulnerability.

    I’m skipping Enterprise aside from saying I did not enjoy it.

    I want to add that my favorite webcomic had a character wonderfully sum up my feelings about Star Trek. The character (Susan) is grumpy, distrustful, snarky, smart, and prone to assume the worst motive for other people’s actions. The only thing we really see her get excited about is Star Trek and she talks about why she loves it so much here….

  7. is there a season or episode I should start on for TNG? I have a hard time with dated stuff. I tend to get bored and move on unless it’s something that holds nostalgia to me. So I can give it a try but if it’s too far back I will likely move on to something slightly more recent, less dated.

  8. I never got into Star Wars, I tried and I’ll try again but it’s never been a big deal to me. Trek is awesome though! Thanks for the feedback love 🙂

  9. I’d start with The Next Generation. Deep Space Nine and Voyager were okay but T.N.G. was the strongest of the three and probably the one that would hold your interest the easiest since the T.N.G. crew made the cast of the films and you can move from the T.V. series into the films fairly easily. Having watched the original series, all of their movies along with the T.N.G. and those films, I would have to say that First Contact was my favorite film from the two franchises. Enterprise was just painful to watch and I did try but it never held my interest like the others could. T.N.G. is an older show so some of the sets and effects are dated but that, to me, adds go the appeal of them. Just like the original. Dated and cheesy but still enjoyable. That’s my two cents. Hope it helped. 🙂

  10. Also love the “reboot” even though its technically not. The casting is great and love the soundtrack.

  11. If you watch the movies with the original cast you can always follow the even number movie rule. #4 was my favorite. As for the TV show I was always a TNG fan and a little bit of DS9. I always liked Trek more then Wars since to me it was more plausible.

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