I love to get dressed up and the below images are all the looks I did for November. Which one is your favourite?

1) Grey and Green, I like this combination. The skirt is a new favourite piece in my closet now too: 

2) Red, Blue and Gloomy Bear too! 

3) This new teal lingerie is killing me  

4) Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll! Minus the drugs, but that saying is what this look is all about. I feel my very best when I’m looking like a Rock Goddess  

5) I realize this is the same look as image #4, but when your look is so on fleek that you match your fuckin mug, that shit has to be documented  

6) Goddess in white 

7)  #twinning : matching outfits with my BFF Elise

8) Effortless in Stripes: I took a little nap in my makeup and when I woke up I rushed to get ready. Had to pin my disaster of hair out of the way and picked an outfit quick as possible. I think this look turned out cute though.9) Soft pink  

10) Fluffy Bear Ears  

11) Grey Bae 

12) Something Doll-like about this look 

13) Feelin myself 

14) TWINNING lingerie, bear ears and ponytails with Elise Lauren 

These images are all numbered, comment below which one is your favourite πŸ’‹


  1. Everyone is stunning. You are so beautiful. I don’t know what it is about #11 but it drives me crazy πŸ€“ No 10 is pretty amazing too

  2. I think I will actually. I love that look so much and I feel of all the looks it’s the most me. If you were to see me out, I would most likely be dressed something like that

  3. Definitively # 4-5, would be nice to see more pictures from this look πŸ˜‰ (or maybe you should recreate it some time and make a photo shoot). Absolutely love that rock’n roll dressed to kill look! A sexy black mini skirt is all that is missing :p.

  4. I’m loving #3, #4/5 and #8 but #11 was definitely my favourite.
    You make it so hard to choose, you gorgeous woman!!

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