Do you know of any great Vegan tumblr pages? Instagram accounts? Facebook pages? YOUTUBE CHANNELS? (YouTube is my favorite and I’ve found a few amazing Vegan channels, but I would love to know more if I can)

Please let me know in the comment section of this vlog. I also want to say a HUGE HELP to everyone who has been so supportive so far across all of my social media. I received so many positive comments in response that I was unable to respond to everyone but I want you to know that I have read your comments and they mean so much to me. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP ON MY NEW JOURNEY!

You guys are truly the best <3


  1. Happy for you Vera!
    I’ve been vegan for a year & 1/2 now. Watching Earthlings finally made me decide.
    Also Fork Over Knives is a great documentary as well.

  2. Hi! Recently I’ve become SUPER interested in the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. I’ve just a few days ago decided to turn vegetarian, and hopefully in the future vegan. Anyway, I’ve done so so so much research into this and have so many resources that would be of use to you!

    Vegan Youtubers:

    Documentaries/Videos about veganism:
    Cowspiracy (Documentary)
    Earthlings (documentary)
    101 Reasons to go vegan (youtube)
    If slaughterhouses had glass walls (Youtube)
    The best speech you will ever hear- gary yourofsky (youtube)

    Vegan Blogs:

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