Guys I’m so sick I can’t handle it. I already felt bad taking time away from my big goal this month for my family things, but now immediately after with no time to recover from the hit my rank took, I’m sick! So I think it’s safe to say I will not be making it into the top 20 this month

I’m not giving up on my top 30 goal but being #45 this morning combined with my inability to move, top 20 isn’t happening for me. 

On Tuesday I had a gig with Naked News and my assistant Roxy came in ready to start the day, but she was sneezing and coughing terribly 😷. I think I’m gunna ask her to take the day off next time though because I am now feeling it.

My bones hurt, my nose won’t stop leaking, and my throat feels SO DRY. 

The worst is when your bones hurt though, I hate this pain. I’m gunna need a nice long Epsom salt bath.

When running for rank and healing for a cold I find the healing time is even rougher because my mind is stressed out. I am trying to sleep but I can’t stop thinking about how many spots I’m losing by not climbing or maintaining. Miss MFC is rough and it can take a toll.

I’m honestly so damn upset that I won’t be making top 20, it hurts my heart, but I would need someone to beat my highest tip ever and quick in order to stand a chance. Then, I had better get my ass online on Tuesday and not only meet my goal but pass it.

Clearly this is all I can think about. Hahaha

Whatever dude, I am death. 

Good news however is I have my little munchkins to keep me company  

little Luna is sitting with me now
So, my apologies to everyone waiting on MFC for me to answer their MFC Mail, apologies to the Patreon contributors for their help, and to Elise who is patiently waiting for me to send her our video. 

I can’t move, I don’t want to get up, this blog is the only thing I’m doing today and that’s mainly because I can do it from my phone.
I’ll keep you guys posted on my Twitter, as for now any suggestions about what you like to do for a cold is always appreciated. You guys are always teaching me something.




  1. Your health is paramount. Nothing else really matters. Bed rest & mentally letting go of everything else is key to a good recovery. Sick means taking a pass on responsibility until you can get up & go again. Catch up on your TV shows. Drink lots of fluids like water, juice, & tea. A vaporizer isn’t a bad idea.

    Take time to rejuvenate. Thanks for your great costumes, pics & videos. Get well soon & “Stay Gold.”

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  2. Being sick is the crappiest feeling ever 😷 Get lots of rest, drink lots of hot tea, getting better is important than anything for you. You need it! Hope you’re feeling better soon 😘

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